Sometimes it may feel like V-Ray destabilises Sketchup. This may manifest through Sketchup crashing whilst viewing a model, editing or viewing materials or when pushing to render with V-Ray. These issues normally stem from problems with materials.

Typical conditions/reasons:

  • Model uses objects imported from 3D Warehouse
  • Model uses materials located on a network
  • Model has been moved from one computer to another

When V-Ray is called upon to review or use a material, it needs that material to be located where it’s told to find it by the model. It is strongly recommended not to use 3D Warehouse objects with V-Ray as they can contain so many poorly constructed elements and corrupt materials that it can become impossible to debug. Working on models on a network or moving them around can also break paths to material bitmaps.

These issues are almost always related to the model, not the software. Therefore the solution typically lies in turning layers off in turn, removing 3rd party objects and cleaning/checking all materials. Always save a copy of your Sketchup model before importing 3D Warehouse objects.

If you are able to open and close an affected Sketchup model without Sketchup crashing, you may get some help from the V-Ray log.