A common installation issue for V-Ray for Mac users occurs when selecting the destination installation folder. If you have a previous copy of Google Sketchup 7, you may find that the V-Ray installer has pre-selected that installation when you’re attempting to install it for Sketchup 8.

How this problem manifests:
Installation is complete, but it’s not possible to load V-Ray when running Sketchup.
Installation does not complete.

The fix is very simple. During the installation process, at the point where you’re asked to confirm the destination installation folder, click to change this. It will ask you to browse to your Sketchup plugins location. Do not browse down into the plugins folder itself, simply browse to your main Sketchup *8* directory. The V-Ray installer will find the plugins folder within this.

Confirm the installation folder and proceed. This should fix this common installation issue. If you have an old installation of Sketchup, but no longer use it – it may be worth considering uninstalling this simply to prevent this type of issue occurring again with other installations.